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Pet Prints 2D Impressions

2D Impressions of pet prints provide a stunning keepsake to treasure. These pieces are truly unique and can also feature in a range of beautiful frames.

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Pet Prints Frames

Capture your pet’s love and loyalty with a Precious Memories pet frame. Create something truly unique and beautiful with a picture and a detailed paw (or hoof !) print.

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Pet Prints Jewellery

Capture your pet’s love and loyalty with a pet jewellery keepsake. We can use the print of a cat, dog, or even a parrot to create something truly unique.

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Pet Prints 3D Castings

Capture your pet’s love with a Precious Memories pet keepsake. We can use the print of a cat, dog or horse to create some truly unique 3D casts.

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Gift Vouchers

With so many fabulous items to choose from our range, we know how difficult it can be to select for loved one. So to make your life easier we offer gift vouchers.

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Silver Jewellery Making Workshop

Looking to run your own keepsake jewellery business? This one day workshop is ideal - where you learn how to create fingerprint, handprint, footprint and pawprint jewellery

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Jennifer from Germany attending 3d workshop

Jennifer travelled all the way from Germany to learn the art of 3D Castings, family castings, 2d impressions and silver jewellery keepsakes.

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New PM in New Dehli, India

Learn how Trisha travelled over 8,000 miles from New Dehli in India to learn how to create show to create 3D Castings and 2D Impressions here in Poole, Dorset.

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What should I consider to be a WHAM?

Are you currently on maternity leave and torn between returning to your old job or staying home? What is stopping you from taking the plunge?

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Luxury Miniature Castings

Imagine your child's hand or foot cast reduced to the size of a cufflink or a charm - what do you get? Something incredible to treasure for years to come.

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Casting Kits, DIY or a Professional Job ?

Why spend more use a casting or impression company when you can get DIY kits cheaper? What are the pros and cons of each approach an which route should you choose ?

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Training Day - Lytchett Matravers Studio

Dragaroos is a family focussed stay and play cafe situated in the heart of Wimborne, Dorset. Join us at our next casting day and get your casts done while enjoying a coffee.

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Mini Picassos - Jewellery

Have a favourite drawing by your little one? Then why not consider having it created into a sensational silver keepsake jewellery piece to cherish for years to come.

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Pet Prints Gives a Dog a Home

Phoebe the rescue Shih Tzu dog came to live with founder Glenda of Precious Memories. Having never had a home she has taken a while to settle in to life with a loving family.

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Cast away the feeling of being trapped.

Does working pay when you have child care costs? Offering flexible training schemes we have helped mums get back to work quickly and set up their own businesses.

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A week in the life of a grandparent in today

Your children may have left home, but are you now juggling with the additional role of child carer to help with the grandchildren? Does this sound familiar to your family ?

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2D Impression Process

Having a 2D Impression created is a great way to capture a moment in time of your family and have it as a feature piece on your wall in your home.

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Affilite Studio Dunfermline

Joyce has been trained in creating 2D Impressions, 3D Castings and Silver Jewellery for baby, toddlers, adults and pets.

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Why I became a 3D Artist in Glasgow

Rhona came to Poole in Dorset in 2015 and undertook two days of training to master the art of 3D Castings. Rhona now runs her own business in Glasgow.

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Solid bronze paw print process

For some pets are very important and they want something created to be reminded of their love and loyalty. Phoebe the rescue Shih Tzu had her paw cast for this reason.

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Learning the skills of 2D Impressions

Learn how Rhona returned to the studio a year later after her 3d training to learn how to take 2d impressions of humans and pets for her studio in Glasgow, Scotland.

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For over 15 years Precious Memories have provided stunning silver fingerprint jewellery, luxury pet prints and 3D triangle family casts, plus baby casting, baby hand and foot impressions and belly bump casting and full training services for all of these products..

We also now provide a range of training courses to teach you how to produce these beautiful products and if you require support on how to launch your business or how to run your business, we can do this too.

Our products provide a truly unique and personal gift for any occasion. These bespoke products are created by hand using the finest materials such as Hallmarked Sterling Silver, Lead Crystal Glass, Solid Bronze, High Grade Dental Plaster and Precious Metal Clay (PMC); preserving your Precious Memories in perfect detail forever!

Ideal gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Newborn, Christenings, Grandparents Day, Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries. Perfect for the proud new parents, grandparents, godparents, newlyweds, bridesmaids, best man, other family members and friends.
Locations We have served customers from across the county including :- Aylesbury , Basildon , Basingstoke , Bath , Birmingham , Blackburn , Blandford , Bournemouth , Bradford , Brighton , Bristol , Cardiff , Chelmsford , Coventry , Derby , Doncaster , Dorchester , Dorset , Exeter , Gloucestershire , Hampshire , High Wycombe , Hook , Leeds , Leicester , Liverpool , London , Luton , Lymington , Maidenhead , Maidstone , Manchester , Milton Keynes , New Forest , Newbury , Northampton , Nottingham , Peterborough , Plymouth , Poole , Portsmouth , Reading , Redcar , Rotherham , Salisbury , Sandwell , Sefton , Sheffield , Solihull , Somerset , Southampton , Southend-on-Sea , Stockport , Stoke , Sunderland , Swanage , Taunton , Torquay , Wakefield , Wareham , Weymouth , Wigan , Winchester , Windsor , Wirral , Wokingham , Wolverhampton , Yeovil , York
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